On the occasion of the world Youth Skills Day, the United Nations confirms that youth between the ages of 15 and 24 were most affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, as the youth employment rate decreased by 8.7% in the year 2020. At a time when countries across the globe are witnessing a growth in the population of youth; The numbers indicate that countries with low income rates are experiencing economic and social challenges related to the youth; Which requires a broader and deeper response, especially at the level of building the competencies and skills of the youth and creating equal opportunities for them.

In Bahrain, the age of Bahrain’s population is characterized by a relative balance, as 90% of the population is under the age of 55 years, according to estimates of the year 2020, including 18.45% under fifteen, and 15.16% fall in the age group (15-24), 56.14% between 25 and 54 years, and only 3.36% at 65 years and over. The youth group in Bahrain, which amounts to more than 15%, requires greater governmental attention, by providing the necessities that young people need in order to get prepared to contribute in the growth of the country.

On this occasion, Bahrain Interfaith calls for the establishment of a Ministry of Youth, mandated with the tasks of meeting the aspirations of youth, provide equal opportunities for all and knowledge capitalization.

The Govt. is also called upon to expand the range of youth initiatives and projects in cooperation with the civil society organizations, especially those that have the ability to reach youth groups in various regions of Bahrain.

There is no doubt that the trend towards relying on young people taking leadership roles in the state is appreciated; It would enhance the strategic interest in youth and build future leaders, but this should be inclusive of all citizens, which requires guaranteeing equal opportunities and non-discrimination in employment, higher education, participation in training courses and the development of soft and professional skills.

Bahrain Interfaith
July 15, 2021