The world’s population is evidentially suffering from the exacerbation of crises and challenges on multiple stages, with the continuing preimposed challenges enforced upon the globe by the Corona pandemic for the second year in a row. The world’s population is facing growing challenges and sufferings in light of the repercussions of Corona, with growing fears of deteriorating conditions at the levels of guaranteeing the right to live in dignity for all, and access to basic rights in health care and education, which takes dangerous forms in countries that suffer from a lack of public freedoms, and the prevalence of corruption and the concentration of political powers in the hand of authorities.

Bahrain Interfaith on the occasion of World Population Day; warns that the demographic shifts the world is witnessing, over the recent years;  portends imminent dangers to the most vulnerable groups of the population, especially in countries where patterns and practices of disparity, racism, ethnic and religious discrimination prevail. poverty, and the absence of social justice among citizens.

The Center urges the government in Bahrain to work for the development of a strategic population plan that takes into account current and future challenges, and to develop programs and projects that preserve the economic and social rights of the current and future generations, whilst ensuring that everyone obtains the basic rights to health, education and a just dignified life in line with human rights principles and global international efforts in protecting basic human rights.

Bahrain Interfaith

July 2021 11