On the 4th of June, 2011, the first round of the National Dialogue Initiative was held in Bahrain, following the incidents of February 2011 and what followed.

At that time, the country witnessed a positive deviation towards change and the announcement of forming the National fact-finding Committee (BICI) was regarded as an indicator that all parties hold interest in overcoming the negative and painful impact of the crisis.

There was growing hope that the national dialogue rounds would lead to change and would improve the situation creating a positive atmosphere that would assist in reaching the coveted goals.
Unfortunately, the rounds of dialogue did not continue and the pathway towards reconciliation has been interrupted.

Bahrain Interfaith affirms that opportunities have not diminished to create the right grounds for the launch of dialogue in Bahrain, affirming that dialogue is the only positive option to reach out constructive, national, and sustained solutions, provided all the concerned parties hold an intention to proceed towards dialogue and achieving the peaceful aspirations of all Bahrainis .

Bahrain Interfaith
June 4 2021
Kingdom of Bahrain