On the occasion of the International Day of Social Justice, which falls on February 20 of each year; The center asserted in a press statement that “the complex challenges that Bahrain is witnessing require an urgent and multi-faceted strategy in order to achieve social justice.”

The center indicated that “the strategy for the advancement of social justice must be an inclusive national project that is urgent and crucial for social, political and economic stability.

Bahrain Interfaith stated that “official and civil bodies should participate in its implementation and agree on its contents and implementation mechanisms, ”stressing that this need remains in light of the complexity of challenges and crises including the Corona pandemic, and the repercussions of the epidemic on the living and economic levels, in addition to the continuing shadow of the political crisis and the delay in positive engagement with national dialogue calls and initiatives.

BI called last year, on the same occasion, to “establish a (National Commission for Equal Citizenship), with the active and serious participation of civil society institutions, competent national personalities and human rights specialists, calling for the commission be granted appropriate powers to ensure commitment to equality, preventing discrimination, and achieving Social Justice in all official and private institutions, issuing a periodic report to evaluate the performance of these institutions based on social justice and national equality indicators, and issuing binding recommendations in this regard.