Tweets – Sheikh Maytham Al Salman March 18th 2016

1- Many governments invest in International Interfaith conferences whilst demonizing & persecuting their own citizens based on their religious background #FoRB

2- Despite promises in the Arab world to reform education, school books continue to indoctrinate children with hatred towards non-muslims #FoRB

3- Its hilarious to invite non muslims for dialogue under the umbrella of “tolerance” whilst routinely cursing them on state run media #FoRB

4- The easiest excuse for human rights violating governments in the Middle East is to claim that human rights contradict with islamic principles #FoRB

5- Sadly hundreds if not thousands of mosques across the Middle East end their Friday prayers in cursing people of other faiths & beliefs #FoRB

6- Many State appointed Imams in the Arab world continue to routinely curse #Christians, #Jews, #Shias & others during Friday Prayers #FoRB

7- Religious tolerance in some Arab countries is a pure myth when the public practice of any religion other than #Islam is prohibited #FoRB

8- The purpose of many state run interfaith centers in the Middle East is to deflect criticism of intolerance rather than built tolerant societies #FoRB

9- Undisguised contradictions emerge when religiously intolerant & human rights violating governments call for tolerance and human rights #FoRB