The United Nations declared the celebration of human fraternity as an international day on the fourth of February of each year, as part of the “Week of International Interfaith Harmony” that runs from February 1 to February 7, and on this occasion; Bahrain Interfaith stresses the importance of participating in all activities and programs that enhance the spirit of human fraternity, especially in terms of consecrating the principles of tolerance, inter-religious dialogue and respect for diversity and plurality. BI calls for global cooperation to spread solidarity and exchange of goodwill between states and peoples, especially amongst religious organizations in the world, which assume great responsibilities in terms of increasing public awareness of the common values ​​that unite people, and assist in achieving peace and harmony among followers of religions and beliefs.

Bahrain Interfaith commends regional and international initiatives that were launched this year to celebrate the International Day of Human Fraternity, and calls on states, international organizations and civil society organizations to discuss these initiatives and turn them into topics for collective discussion and thinking to explore methodologies to implement them on the ground.

The Center urges all actors in Bahrain to seize this occasion and engage in urgent efforts and projects to promote dialogue between religions and cultures, and spread civil harmony, based on the concept of human fraternity and the principle of national unity, in an approach that creates an atmosphere that stimulates and promotes peace and social stability, and celebrates religious and cultural diversity through embracing plurality , freedom of choice, and non-discrimination, which is the surest guarantor that guarantees effective harmony between components of society and stabilizes true acceptance of religious and cultural diversity.

Bahrain Interfaith
February 4, 2021