1-Authoritarian states in the Arab world indirectly created an enabling environment for the growth of #terrorism & violent extremism #CVE

2- The location & origins & of the major terrorist groups today is clear evidence that #terrorism grooms in non-democratic environments #CVE

3- One of the most effective approaches to combat terrorism & #CVE is through supporting democratic & human rights reforms in the Arab world

4- The promotion of #democracy can become a key component of a #CVE strategy that reduces the appeal of violent extremism in the arab world

5- When moderates are cornered by authoritarian states amidst the silence of democracies; they can potentially turn to violent extremism #CVE

6- The absence of democracy & the propagation of violent interpretations of Islam will continue to contribute to the growth of #terrorism #CVE

7- Banning freedom of assembly has pushed many movements throughout the Arab world to resort to more violent methods of opposition #CVE

8- Support to autocratic regimes should be strictly conditional on the development of democratic governance & human rights reforms #CVE