Sh. Maytham Al Salman calling for the cleansing curriculums and literature from “takfirism”. 

1- Distorted interpretations of Islam have been instrumented throughout history to legitimize injustice, discrimination & terrorism #hate_fatwas

2- #Hate_fatwas issued 1336 years ago justified beheading Imam Hussain, chopping his limbs off & detaining his female companions as captives

3- 1336 years ago #hate_fatwas justified slaughtering Imam Hussain into pieces; his decapitated head was later paraded in 2 islamic capitals

4- Researchers & NGO’s should embark in creating an online database of #hate_fatwas being utilized by terrorist groups to justify their crimes

5- You can’t understand ISIL, Bokoharam, Alqaeda if you don’t know the history of takfirism & hate doctrines in the Middle East #hate_fatwas

6- Whoever claims that #hate_fatwas are not being instrumented to justify discrimination & violence against minorities is turning a blind eye

7- Cleansing religious curriculums in the Middle East from takfirism & #hate_fatwas is more than a necessity for the stability of the region

8- State privileges granted to preachers who incite discrimination, legitimize human rights violations & propagate #hate_fatwas must stop

9- Those who provide moral support for Takfiri schools & propagate #hate_fatwas can’t be expected to genuinely combat terrorism #CVE