Bahrain Interfaith wishes Muslims around the world a blessed Eid Al-Fitr, hoping that joy and global peace will spread, and that people – especially those who suffer from the scourges of poverty, wars, conflicts and diseases – will lead a decent life based on justice, equality and sustainable development

Bahrain Interfaith renews its call to all actors in Bahrain to fulfill to reap the fruits of the positive changes witnessed by the country in light of internal solidarity in facing the Corona pandemic, and meet the civil and official efforts in addressing this epidemic and consider this a priority that requires extending a hand and empowering collective cooperation in this fateful battle.

The Center affirms that this new positive reality – and in the event that appropriate wills and courageous initiatives are available from all – broadens the circles of agreement and harmony between the various local parties, and paves the way and the atmosphere for building positive communication among them, especially with everyone’s belief that all Bahrainis need to address the effects and sediments of the crisis and build preliminary consensus to enter the stage of dialogue in order to make the national reconciliation process capable of achieving the aspirations and hopes of the people of Bahrain, with all its components and spectra.

Happy Eid to all citizens and residents of Bahrain

Bahrain Interfaith
Kingdom of Bahrain – May 24, 2020