The “International Day to Live Together in Peace” is an additional occasion inviting all countries and people of the world to work diligently to accept differences, and to enjoy a spirit of respect and understanding of these differences, on the basis that life accommodates everyone, and that differences in religions, cultures, perspectives and attitudes can be a fundamental advantage to achieve peace, tolerance, understanding and interdependence between people from all walks of life.

On this occasion, May 16 of each year, Bahrain Interfaith reaffirms that Bahrain has all the pre-requisites that make it could make it qualify as a global role model in tolerance and harmony in the light of diversity and pluralism, as Bahrainis have demonstrated throughout history and given great lessons in accepting in peaceful coexistence and pluralism.
The Center believes that the social obstacles and political challenges that Bahrain has witnessed in the past can be overcome through joint cooperation between all components of society, requiring everyone to work hard and demonstrate solidarity to challenge these difficulties and overcome the causes of the crisis in 2011.

This international occasion should motivate the parties involved or associated with the crisis in Bahrain to invest the opportunities that exist after the Corona pandemic, and assist in creating the right atmosphere for promoting dialogue, peace and working to launch a national reconciliation process that works to meet the admirations of all Bahrainis.

Bahrain Interfaith
Kingdom of Bahrain – May 16, 2020