Bahrain Interfaith congratulates the Muslims in Bahrain and around the world on the occasion of blessed month of Ramadan, BI wishes that goodness and peace will prevail everywhere, and that everyone benefits from the spiritual values ​​of the Holy Month in resolving all conflicts and crises and countering the scourges of rivalry and hatred.

The Center called on this occasion on State and non-State actors to collaborate to establish various means to enhance the values ​​of cooperation, brotherhood and social solidarity, and abide by the measures taken to confront Coronavirus .

At a local level, (BI) reiterates the necessity to adhere to the procedures and directives issued by the authorities concerned with confronting Corona, and spiritual leaders in the country have emphasized them, and the center affirms that the preventive commitment to these procedures is not inconsistent with the revival of worship for the month of Ramadan, while ensuring physical distance and the lack of gatherings, in addition to the need to embody the meanings of the Holy Month by helping the needy, supporting the poor, and spreading love and peace among all.

On this honorable occasion, the Center wishes to emphasize on the following points:

1- Appreciating the calls in Bahrain to release prisoners’, especially with the approaching month of Ramadan, with the hope that it will find resonance with the concerned authorities and that these calls would be dealt with from a purely humanitarian standpoint.
2- Emphasizing that the strategic option that guarantees an exit from the crisis phase is to initiate comprehensive national dialogue and peaceful reconciliation between the various parties.
3- Praise the gains achieved by national cohesion in the framework of fighting the Corona epidemic and the hope to preserve these gains by using them to expand the scope of cooperation between the government and the people in facing all the crises challenging the country.
4- The necessity for all to take seriously the repercussions of the corona stage and its profound and comprehensive transformational effects that will remain for a period of time, which requires a review of the general strategies, thinking approaches and mechanisms of action.
5- Calling for collective thinking and joint cooperation between the state, private bodies, and public figures to build the next stage after Corona, a stage that should be an opportunity for comprehensive buildup.

The Center stresses that moving forward on this map is possible only after everyone believes in the values ​​of dialogue, tolerance, harmony, mercy and peace, which are human and religious values ​​that find supportive environments in the month of Ramadan in particular, provided that there is an official and non-state tendency to consolidate these values ​​and turn them into fixed concepts In thinking and patterns of behavior and in the daily dealings between individuals and groups, there is no doubt that this needs to expand the scope of official and private efforts concerned with the promotion of these higher values, and to integrate them in the education curriculums and guidance in schools, universities, mosques and matams , and the Center realizes that this orientation is inseparable from the expected practical approach supporting national reconciliation initiatives and calls for national dialogue on the basis of the conviction of all parties that the cost of the continuation of the cycle of the crisis is unbearable to everyone.

And Ramadan Kareem…

Bahrain Interfaith
‏ Kingdom of Bahrain – April 23, 2020