Sheikh Maytham Al Salman has tweeted several tweets on the importance of having a serious, meaningful and all-inclusive dialogue and the risks of further delays and negligence by the Government on this matter. 

@MaythamAlsalman: The govt. of Bahrain is still firm in refusing all the international calls for an open,inclusive & meaningful dialogue with the opposition

@MaythamAlsalman: The persistence of the govt. of Bahrain in refusing international calls for meaningful dialogue with the opposition is very shortsighted

@MaythamAlsalman: President Obama told the UN General Assembly in 2011 that Bahrain must “pursue a meaningful dialogue that brings peaceful change”

@MaythamAlsalman: @UNGeneva: OHCHR said in December 2014: Peaceful constructive dialogue is the only way out of Bahrain’s current crisis. 

@MaythamAlsalman: 33 states in 2015 at the UN Human Rights Council called Bahrain for the resumption of an open & inclusive dialogue

@MaythamAlsalman: The govt. of Bahrain has refused considering UN calls for an all inclusive & meaningful dialogue made in 5 @UN_HRC statements since 2011

@MaythamAlsalman: @UN_Spokesperson UN GS Ban Ki-moon called on Bahrain in 2014 to agree with opposition steps towards meaningful & acceptable reforms to all

@MaythamAlsalman: Bahrain needs a clear roadmap to achieve democracy, equal citizenship & an immediate end to systematic ongoing human rights violations