On the International Day for the Right to the Truth Concerning Gross Human Rights Violations and for the Dignity of Victims, Bahrain Interfaith calls for a prompt and decisive action regarding the evacuation of prisons in Bahrain, and the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience. The center emphasizes that such an action during these times would represent a “highly significant national and humanitarian act, with due regard to the repercussions of the corona virus pandemic, and the insisting need for restraining this pandemic on all levels”.

Bahrain Interfaith believes that knowing the truth regarding the ongoing violations of human rights is a stable right that cannot be subjected to limitation, and that this fundamental right should be upheld in accordance with the international human rights obligations, which call for justice for all, the promotion and protection of human rights for everyone, and for the celebration of all noble efforts and sacrifices exerted for protecting these rights.

The center believes that upholding this right does not conflict with seeking to diminish the gap between the conflicting parties in the political crisis in the country, and working on bridging gaps for the purpose of ending all forms of political conflict and its effects, and to promote a suitable atmosphere for dialogue and national reconciliation that would meet the aspirations of all components of society.

Due to the exceptional circumstances resulting from the corona virus epidemic, and the unlimited dangers daunting everyone due to the outbreak of this pandemic, Bahrain Interfaith finds that the national and humanitarian responsibility that is common to all calls for the following priorities:

1- Clearing prisons from all political detainees without further delay for avoiding the occurrence of a possible medical and humanitarian catastrophe, and benefitting from the released detainees in supporting the national campaign for confronting coronavirus and in making it succeed.

2- Creating consensus around the national team for confronting coronavirus and supporting it, and considering it the entity that is inclusive of all parties and citizens, since it is the party that is assuming a great task that is related to the destiny of all in Bahrain.

3- Stressing on the necessity of making medics lead the crisis management team, due to the fact that it is a medical crisis in the first place, and abiding by their instructions and recommendations, provided that all other social factions are supportive of their decisions.

4- Respecting the principle of equal citizenship, and principles of tolerance, cooperation, and social solidarity while dealing with all files and cases related to confronting coronavirus and providing medical care, and making this inclusive to all citizens within the country, and abroad, without exceptions on political or on any other basis.

5- Abstaining from politicizing the coronavirus epidemic and avoiding all forms of discrimination, racism, and hatred, as well as displaying a great national spirit in accordance with the means required for confronting the existing medical crisis, which requires a reconsideration of the messages conveyed by all parties, and of the previous stances, and calling for building new visions and narratives that would face the dangers confronted by all in Bahrain

Bahrain Interfaith

Kingdom of Bahrain – March 24, 2020