Bahrain Interfaith calls on the government of Bahrain, civil society actors, and influential figures from all components within the country to assume a joint and collective national responsibility in facing the challenges posed by coronavirus (COVID-19), after announcing today, Monday, that a Bahraini citizen coming to the country from Iran was infected with the virus.

Bahrain Interfaith urges citizens and all residents in the country to follow the instructions and guidelines announced by specialized entities in the Govt. of Bahrain to avoid being infected by the virus, and to prevent spreading it amongst others. The center emphasizes that religious and humanitarian values dictate that everyone takes the issue of following such instructions seriously, given that this is an national responsibility to protect health security and the well being of all in the country.

The center stresses on its call to official authorities in the country to assume their full responsibilities in this regard, which includes taken the necessary medical precautions, providing free health care to all, and by dealing with this issue with complete transparency; The center also calls on everyone to promote a spirit of social cooperation, morals of compassion, and to demonstrate a unified national solidarity stance in dealing with the dangers of this epidemic. The center also stresses on the necessity of abstaining from delivering messages or adopting policies that reflect any contempt, hatred, or discrimination against those infected with the virus, and against the countries suffering from this epidemic, or against the citizens coming from these countries. (BI) calls for avoiding “politicizing” the universal health threat, and on abstaining from actions that would violate human dignity rights , or represent an act of discriminate against victims because of this disease.

Bahrain Interfaith
Kingdom of Bahrain – February 24, 2020