Bahrain Interfaith positively notifies the release of a number of physically ill prisoners on the evening of Tuesday, January 21, 2020, in concurrence with reports indicating that new batches of releases are to take place in the coming period.

Bahrain Interfaith anticipates the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscious in Bahrain, and affirms that the persistence of such positive steps is in line with the recognized [and undisputed] International Laws to release all political prisoners, and prisoners of conscience, and to ensure their basic rights after their release, including the provision of full health care for the ill among them, in addition to providing fair and equal opportunities for all to participate in building the country.
Bahrain Interfaith (BI) calls on civil society actors, civil society organizations, and all parties involved in the political crisis in the country, to contribute to maintaining a sustained motivation until a full all prisoners are released. It also calls on for positive thinking, over the coming period, on positive means leading to converting these results into a conducive ground for the transition to the phase of national dialogue, and for the establishment of a national reconciliation process that would meet the aspirations of all components of the people of Bahrain.

Bahrain Interfaith

Kingdom of Bahrain – January 22, 2020.