Bahrain Interfaith wishes citizens and residents in Bahrain, and the rest of the world, a happy new year and hopes that this year brings goodness, peace, and harmony to societies around the world. (BI) calls for international collaboration to end the tragedies and sufferings of millions around the world due to conflicts, wars, terrorism, human rights violations and poverty.

Bahrain Interfaith hopes that all Bahraini citizens enjoy security, stability, and dignity regardless of their political, social and religious background.

(BI) expresses its wishes to witness the launch of an all inclusive dialogue and national reconciliation in 2020 and stated that: “The launch of dialogue undoubtedly requires the collaboration of civil society players, but, first and foremost, achieving this wish requires the Government of Bahrain to deal differently with the crisis in the country, and acknowledge the risks associated with prolonging the crisis”.

Bahrain Interfaith believes that all Bahrainis will have a brighter future when Equal Citizenship is assured, i.e., when all are treated equally, regardless of their identities or beliefs, without being subjected to discrimination or exclusion that deprives them of their human rights.

Happy New Year

Bahrain Interfaith
Kingdom of Bahrain
January 1, 2020