This paper attempts to explore the causes of failure in dialogue attempts between the government of Bahrain and the opposition and sheds light on the opposition’s view on the shortcomings of the approaches made towards initiating and managing dialogue in Bahrain. Previous dialogue attempts in Bahrain have not been successful in achieving a peaceful reconciliation to the conflict due to the absence of an acceptable level of un- derstanding, coordination and good management. It is surely not an easy task to make dialogue concrete in the absence of a clear process that is agreed upon by all parties involved in the conflict. This paper will present the perception of the opposi- tion on the causes that led to the failure of dialogue attempts in Bahrain with recommendations on how to set the right envi- ronment for dialogue and how to ensure that the dialogue pro- cess works in a concrete setting after identifying and remov- ing all the barriers and obstacles that prevent tackling core and sensitive areas of disagreement.

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