The world celebrates the International Human Solidarity Day on the twentieth of December of every year to bring attention to the importance of international collaboration and partnership In achieving global goals related to sustainable development, eradicating poverty, protecting the planet, and taking tangible steps to guarantee of the protection of human dignity for all.

Bahrain Interfaith calls upon the international community to cooperate in promoting international solidarity and achieving global sustainable development goals in countries suffering from crises and development challenges. (BI) urges counties around the world to join forces in eliminating obstacles towards development, countering discrimination, combating poverty and guaranteeing dignity for all.

(BI) strongly believes that the Government of Bahrain should urgently review local laws and policies that negatively deny local communities from the enjoyment of social justice, equality, civil rights and collective security. Furthermore, Bahrain Interfaith demanded governmental assurances to ensure all citizens regardless of race or religion enjoy Equal Citizenship Rights.

The Center also called on the Government of Bahrain to restore the relationship and partnership with Civil Society Organizations(CSO’s) in order to enhance human solidarity and partnerships with civil actors, without resorting to discrimination and exclusion on the basis of religious or political backgrounds.

Bahrain Interfaith
Kingdom of Bahrain 20 December 2019