Objective: Bahrain Interfaith and Bahrain Center for Human Rights published this study which aims to discuss the conditions of domestic workers, and to propose solutions for their improvement.

Methodology: This paper primarily relies on secondary data, scholar books, and articles, as well as research reports published by international NGOs, organizations and institutions from Bahrain and the Bahraini Ministry of Labor website.

Results: The average number of domestic workers has decreased during the past two years in Bahrain. The government of Bahrain had executed several steps to reform this situation, but unfortunately, it was insufficient.

Discussion: Some solutions were proposed to the Government of Bahrain, the employers, and employees to maintain appropriate working conditions for all parties.

Conclusion: Freedom of religion in Bahrain, for both citizens and migrant workers, needs to be improved by enhancing the laws that protect it. Moreover, the laws concerning the domestic workers must be upgraded and improved to ensure their religious freedom and basic human rights.

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