Today Bahrainis commemorate the passing away of Sheikh Abdul Amir Al-Jamri, one of the most prominent leaders in the reform movement in 1994 and in the recent history of Bahrain. Sheikh Al-Jamri, who passed away on December 18, 2006, still occupies a firm position in the hearts of Bahrainis, as he symbolizes moral strength in the conscience of many citizens, Sunnis and Shiites.

On this occasion, Bahrain Interfaith calls on all Bahrainis to remember the noble principles that Sheikh Al Jamri represented throughout his life that included non-violence, peacefulness in the struggle for reforms, and supporting people of all walks of life. Sheikh Al Jamri created an ongoing “national momentum” and persistent dedication to transform Bahrain to a country that prohibits discrimination and human rights violations at all levels, aspires to establish social justice, and embraces positive coexistence and harmony amongst citizens regardless of their racial, political, religious, and social background.

(BI) calls for reviving the qualities that distinguished Sheikh Al-Jamri’s leadership , especially at this delicate phase that requires momentum to restore hope to all Bahrainis, and courage to overcome the barriers that obstruct democratic dialogue.
Sheikh Al-Jamri has heavily suffered throughout his life and faced devastating hardships that included torture, ill-treatment, imprisonments, house arrest, and witnessing the agony of detainees, torture martyrs and their families.

However, his suffering has only motivated him to continue his efforts in preserving the unity of citizens, and working to establish harmony and peace amongst them. He was optimistic, at all phases and believed in the ability of Bahrainis to initiate positive steps towards an all inclusive peaceful national reconciliation, regardless of the challenges and obstacles that faced Bahrain. His momentum is much needed today.

Bahrain Interfaith
Kingdom of Bahrain December 18, 2019