On Tuesday, December 17, 2019, Bahrain Interfaith organized a workshop with a group of researchers and experts to discuss concepts associated to Citizenry and National Loyalty.

The Director of the center, Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman, and a number of researchers and legal experts on human rights law, participated in the specialized workshop focusing on Equal Citizenry.

The workshop was launched in context of a number of ongoing programs and activities concentrating on “Equal Citizenry”. “Equal Citizenry” was announced as one of the main themes for Bahrain Interfaith’s work in 2020.

(BI) announced during a press conference last August a call to develop an “Equal Citizenship Charter” . Sheikh Al-Salman called upon subject matter experts to contribute towards its development in accordance with international standards and experiences.

The Ministry of Interior in Bahrain had issued earlier in 2019 “the national plan to enhance national affiliation and consolidate the values ​​of citizenship”, a plan that sparked many controversies within the legal community. (BI) considered the plan in a previous statement “incompatible with international human rights standards and values”, In addition, Bahrain Interfaith stated the the MOI plan does not include genuine initiatives to eliminate discrimination, especially against the Shiite community in the country.

Bahrain Interfaith published an analytical reading of the Ministry of Interior’s plan (the national plan to enhance national affiliation and consolidate the values ​​of citizenship), highlighting its shortcomings. (To read the analytical reading: click here)