Bahrain Interfaith deeply condemns and expresses serious concerns on the escalating situation in Bahrain, that led to the death of three policemen in an explosion.

Religious and social leaders, the national democratic parties and tens of civil society organizations have clearly expressed their condemnation of the terrorist attack.

Sheikh Maytham Al Salman, the chairman of Bahrain Interfaith and the Head of the Religious Freedom Unit at the Bahrain Human Rights Observatory, has conveyed his prayers, sympathies and condolences to the families of the victims of the three policemen who were killed.

“It is the responsibility of religious leaders at this critical stage not only to denounce violence but clearly forbid all forms of violence and terrorism”, Al Salman stated.

He added: “Today, it is crucial for all Bahrainis to create grounds for concrete solutions for the political crisis in Bahrain. Extremism is a consequence of the absence of meaningful dialogue that leads to political, social and economic stability.

Al Salman stated: Meaningful dialogue that involves the engagement of all Bahrainis regardless of race, social background,  religion or gender is the only way forward for Bahrain to overcome chaos and instability.

Al Salman strongly agreed with the statement of the UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon on the 4th of March 2014 after the terrorist explosion. The UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-Moon stated that he strongly believes that “a genuine and all-inclusive political dialogue is the only way forward,”  Ban also urged all Bahrainis to come together to create a “conducive environment” for promoting reconciliation.

Al Salman has called on all factions to affirm their ongoing commitment towards serious and meaningful dialogue that achieves the political and democratic aspirations of all Bahrainis.

Al Salman has also called for an independent investigation of the bombing and avoiding collective punishment, mass arrests and violating fundamental freedoms and basic human rights; noting that such actions will create further tensions and instability.