Bahrain Interfaith reiterates its call to the Bahraini government to address the pervasive violations in the country and believes that handling this issue has become a condition and a necessity to consolidate the required climates for the establishment of the urgently needed national reconciliation.

Bahrain Interfaith believes that the widespread celebrations taking place in Bahrain after the victory of the national football team in the Gulf Cup represent a convenient opportunity for the government to celebrate Human Rights Day truly this year. The Center considers that the government can well utilize this significant opportunity through contributing to the expansion of these celebrations and taking the initiative to respond to the calls of activists and citizens to put an end to the deep crises that the country has widely suffered from for years.

In this context, Bahrain Interfaith emphasizes the importance of enabling international human rights organizations and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to aid Bahrain in tackling human rights deterioration in the country. The Center believes that the involvement of such entities would ensure that steps to end crises are in line with international standards and meet the fundamental principles of sustainable and safe solutions.

The Bahraini government has several tasks to carry out in order to end such a considerable period of crises and violations. It is useless to celebrate Human Rights Day unless the government takes drastic steps to activate the principle of equal citizenship by eliminating sectarian discrimination, restructuring the security forces to include the components of society, fighting all kinds of corruption, and ensuring decent living for citizens. These steps are necessary prerequisites for the urgently required societal and political dialogue, and they are essential to achieve the interest of all and fulfill the aspirations of citizens for life, liberty, and peace.


Bahrain Interfaith

10th of Dec 2019