Bahrain Interfaith has met with Mrs Katalin Bogyay, the President of UNESCO’s General Conference, to inform her on the Bahraini regime’s systematic violations of freedom of cultural expression and demolishing of religious and historic monuments in Bahrain.

Bahrain Interfaith meets the President of UNESCO’s General Conference
Sheikh Maytham Al Salman, Head of Bahrain Interfaith and Head of Religious Freedom Unit in the BHRO, spoke about 38 mosques demolished by the regime highlighting the case of Al Barbaghi mosque which was built in 1549. According to international standards, the demolishing of this historic mosque is considered a crime against civilization and humanity.
Al Salman also informed Mrs. Bogyay on evidence of the authority’s adoption of civil and religious contempt methodology against a wide faction of citizens, he asked Mrs. Bogyay to urge Bahrain Government to immediately stop targeting the diversified culture and historic and religious monuments in Bahrain.