Bahrain Interfaith Center reiterates its call on the Government of Bahrain to restructure the country’s security institutions to ensure fair representation of all the components of Bahraini society. (BI) believes that the authorities lack the intention of ensuring fair representation of all factions of society in the Police, as evidenced by recent appointments and promotions in the Ministry of Interior, which have not met repeated calls for the integration of various components of society in security establishments.

(BI) emphasizes that the principle of “security for all” cannot be achieved on the ground in the absence of more than 60% of the religious demography of citizens from appointments at security institutions, for all components of society should be integrated fairly in these institutions. Bahrain Interfaith stresses that expediting the task of transforming security and military establishments to truly reflect Bahraini society will positively be regarded as a confidence building measure for building trust amongst communities and will potentially contribute to the transition towards Equal Citizenship and sustainable peace and stability in Bahrain .

Bahrain Interfaith
Kingdom of Bahrain 5 December 2019