Bahrain Interfaith after the closure of the Malis of Nabeel Rajab: Suffocating public space is a barrier on positive debates that could create opportunities for solutions

Bahrain Interfaith, expresses its deep regret over the closure of the Majlis of the detained human rights activist Nabeel Rajab and the apologies of his family to welcome visitors. This decision by Rajab’s family comes days after official newspapers propagated false accusations and launched an unjustified attack on the visit of Senator Chris Murphy to Rajab’s house.

The smear campaign on Murphy’s visit included harsh statements by members of Bahrain’s Shura and Representatives Councils.

(BI) commends the role of social gatherings in Bahraini Houses (Majalis) in fostering positive peaceful debates I. public affairs and matters of social, economic and political concern for all Bahrainis, and expresses its sincere appreciation of the role played by the Majlis of Nabeel Rajab, in creating a meeting point for exchanging rational views in national and social affairs.

BI calls upon the Houses in Bahrain to continue welcoming diverse representatives of the Bahraini society to openly discuss public affairs noting that such meetings could potentially contribute to the preservation of national cohesion, promoting positive coexistence, defusing social and political tensions and safeguarding Bahrain’s National Security.

Bahrain Interfaith Center
Kingdom of Bahrain 4 December 2019