The Bahraini regime’s attacks on mosques has risen sharply since the beginning of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Imam Sadiq Mosque in Salmabad 1

Salmabad news channel, on Thursday, released some pictures of Imam Sadiq [PBUH] mosque in Salmabad and reported this mosque has once again came under attack after it was destroyed in 2011 by the regime.

Imam Sadiq Mosque in Salmabad 2

The pictures show how the doors and windows of the mosque were completely destroyed.

The Head of Religious Freedom Unit in Bahrain Human Rights Observatory, Sheikh Maytham Al Salman, emphasized that so far 38 mosques were illegally demolished in Bahrain.

“I call on all Bahrainis, regardless of their religion or political affiliations, to condemn these attacks,” he said.

Imam Sadiq Mosque in Salmabad 3

According to eyewitnesses, the words of “God, Country and King” were written on the walls of the mosque.