The Bahrain Interfaith Center, in cooperation with the Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR), issued a book on the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the release of the report of the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry, known as the “Bassiouni Report”. The book dealt with the international conference entitled “8 Years of Repression Under International Silence” organized by the two centers. The conference highlighted the repressive methods used by the Bahraini government since 2011, which focused on crushing civil society and violently suppressing freedom of opinion, through the arrests, issuance of death sentences, and dissolution of civil and political associations.

The book examined the conference which included three panels. Saloua Boukaouit moderated the first one that focused on the situation of “Human Rights Defenders in Bahrain,” and the panelists were Khalid Ibrahim, Ahmed AlWedaei, Mohamad Najem, and Kristina Stockwood. Additionally, Annie Game moderated the second session, in which the panelists, Devin Kenny, Aya Majzoub, and Brian Dooley discussed “The International Community’s Positions on Human Rights Violations.” The last panel, entitled “Bahrain’s Civil and Political Space,” was moderated by Ariel Plotkin, and the panelists were Fadi al-Qadi, Drewery Dyke, and Joe Stork.

Human rights activists and civil society and human rights organizations in Bahrain, attended the conference from around the world (more than 19 countries) to discuss practical steps to address the international community’s failure to take necessary actions to address the deterioration of human rights in Bahrain.

To read the full book, click here 8 Years of repression.