More than a year after the uprising of the Bahraini people, which shook the streets of Bahrain’s cities and squares, demanding concrete political reforms, the cases of violence increased and this left a negative impression before the local and the international communities. These cases are considered contrary to the universal human rights norms and conventions stipulated by the United Nations, which promote the freedom of expression for individuals, regardless of their color, religion, ethnicity or even their political affiliation.

Accordingly, the opposition political societies in Bahrain, namely: the National Democratic Action Society (Waad), National Islamic Society(Al-Wefaq), Unitary National Democratic Assemblage, Progressive Democratic Tribune, Al-Akhaa National Society, and the National Democratic Assembly, have signed a political document, of a humanitarian content, entitled ” Nonviolence Document” on November 7, 2012, which aimed at adjusting the course of these movements in accordance with principles and standards which ensure that they aren’t delinquent, and which don’t take away the legitimacy of their demands. Wherefore, Bahrain Interfaith is launching a paper to discuss this document.

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