Bahrain Interfaith welcomes the calls made by Nationalist Democratic Society and the Progressive Democratic Tribune to launch a national dialogue initiative that would enable Bahrain to resolve the stifling political crisis that has burdened the nation and its citizens with direct negative repercussions on all segments of society.

Bahrain Interfaith appreciated the calls to end the continuous deterioration in human rights, political freedoms, freedom of expression, press freedom and the domination of security solutions on the political scene. Bahrain Interfaith considers all those steps “an urgent national necessity”.

Bahrain Interfaith affirmed that it joins the Nationalist Democratic Society and the Progressive Democratic Tribune in demanding the Government of Bahrain to launch a national initiative to hold an all inclusive comprehensive national dialogue with the political components and powers in the country. This decision could only be achieved by respecting fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression and association, lifting restrictions on press and media freedoms, the release of all prisoners of conscience, and the restoration of momentum for the work of political associations, all of which are necessary starting points to find a political resolution to the crisis than began in 2011.

Bahrain Interfaith concluded by calling upon all political stakeholders, including the government of Bahrain, to create the necessary climate to launch comprehensive national dialogue that opens horizons for a peaceful reconciliation of the crisis and creates grounds for sustainable political and social stability and security.

To view the statement made by Nationalist Democratic Society and the Progressive Democratic Tribune:

القومي والتقدمي يحييان اليوم العالمي للديمقراطية:ويدعوان للخروج من الأزمة السياسية التي تثقل كاهل المواطن والوطن