Tweets of Sh Maytham Al Salman

November 1, 2015

1- Bahrain needs to lift the ban on peaceful rallies, sit-ins & marches as guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

2- Bahrain needs an all inclusive & meaningful dialogue that results in a clear roadmap to achieve the democratic aspirations of all nationals.

3- Bahrain needs to encourage moderates calling for democratic, economic & human rights reforms instead of punishing them for their calls.

4- Bahrain needs a trustworthy & independent judicial system that shows the willingness to look into cases of torture, assault & corruption.

5- Bahrain needs to prohibit all forms of discriminatory whilst adapting a national policy to promote equal citizenship amongst all citizens.

6- Bahrain needs fair electoral districts guaranteeing social equality and meeting the universal principle of one person, one vote.

7- Bahrain needs to reform security forces on the basis of equal social representation in positions, respect of human rights & the rule of law.

8- Bahrain should respect the right of citizens calling for a government representing the will of the people & a fairly elected parliament.

9- Bahrain needs to agree that dialogue is the only way forward. Refusing dialogue is too costly for everyone in Bahrain.

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