Interactive-meeting-SR-FoRB-with-NGOsMaytham Al Salman participating in an interactive meeting between NGOs and the UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Beliefs at the Palais des Nations



From left: Rev. Andreas Peter, IARF Geneva representative; Sheikh Maytham Al-Salman, Head of Religious Freedom Unit of IARF member group Bahrain Interfaith Centre; Rubab Mehdi Rizvi, Chair of the Imam Hussain Council; Rev. Drs. Wytske Dijkstra, IARF Council member; Prof. Heiner Bielefeldt, UN Special Rapporteur on Religious Freedom; Morse Flores and JJ Cantieni, IARF Geneva representatives.


Thursday 13 March
Room XXI, Palais des Nations, Geneva
Organized by IARF at the 25th Session of the UN Human Rights Council (HRC) in collaboration with the CoNGO Sub-committee on Freedom of Religion or Beliefs


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